Friday, April 29, 2011


 there would be an entirely different conversation ablaze on the internet and tv right now if any of these sarah burton gowns were the chosen one. xo from the other side of the pond, am  photos

Thursday, April 28, 2011


i love all these pants(as well as christine centenera's style!) and was going to do a post on patterned pants but someone did a good one already. i posted these super cool ksubi jeans with seriously colorful paint splashes all over them on my last blog about two years ago. they are gorgeous. and then today...i find this picture(last photo) from garance dore and lo and behold, they too are ksubi! so say hello to patterned pants this summer. i know i will wear the heck out of my silk, botanical-patterned, zipper-legged, skinny, stella mccartney pants that i've been waiting all winter to wear. yeah patterns!  photo 1, 2, 3 xo, am

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


wow this is a crazy campaign. i am big fan of cass bird, a still photographer turned filmmaker. she did a super sweet video with eliza doolittle as well as nytimes magazine covers of salma hayek and cate blanchett. she's got an interesting style, raw and intimate and this campaign looks intense. check out video and photos.  xo, am

Monday, April 25, 2011


this is zeina durra and elodie bouchez, the writer/director and actress for the feature film 'imperialists are still alive'. click and you can watch the trailer. zeina and her producing partner, vanessa hope were in the IFP lab with us and i have to say, i thought zeina's film clip(that's all we saw at the time)was really special. it was different and unique, multi-cultural and fashion-smart and political. the film is set in nyc and it opens at IFC Center april 15th. please go see it and spread the word. here's a good q&a with zeina and elodie. happy monday. xo, am  photos dossier journal

Friday, April 22, 2011


how great is this short crop hair look?! i love it. i am so over the long hair with blonde highlights on the end trend. it's everywhere and it's boring. so i'm calling my hair dresser, the amazing erica reiss and asking her to cut off my long locks! this shoulder length cut that alexa chung is sporting as well as sofia coppola will be my new look for the summer. it's classy, clean, fresh and super current. enjoy your holiday weekend. xo, am alexa, sofia

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


this post is dedicated to tim hetherington, an amazing photojournalist and co-director of the film 'restrepo' who was recently killed in libya. to all those brave journalists and photojournalists who strive to bring us the truth of what's happening all over the world. not just in the world we can see, touch and feel, but the world outside of ourselves, in faraway places, where real people are fighting for freedoms, health, food, money, safety and life itself. prayers to hetherington family. prayers to all war photographers and journalists doing what they do so well....xo, am  photos by photojournalist lynsey addario.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


 so my friend elizabeth daniels is a super amazing woman. she's beautiful and smart and so full of light that when you see her, your whole person gets happy. if you were a dog, you'd wag your tail like crazy and depending on how well-trained you were, you'd even jump up to say hi. that's how lovely she is. elizabeth is also a fantastic photographer. her first few photos are of eateries and clubs around town: drais hollywood, chateau marmont, mignon, habana cafe in malibu. the architecture in all these places is distinctly it's own, none is like the other, and because of that, they're a treat to visit because you get transported to another place, even another time. the last photo isn't of a place. it's of minnie mortimer. i  just had to post it. she's pretty and rad. and a surfer girl. she surfs. two inspiring women, minnie and elizabeth. xo, am

Monday, April 18, 2011


i used to listen to this song by lykke li over and over and over again when i was writing my script 'rare finds'. the song remains the same, but my script morphed into a soon-to-be-published novel! sometimes writing is like that. i used think ideas were best as scripts or short screenplays, until i let go. i let go of how i thought a story should go and allowed it to take it's natural form, whatever that was. sometimes an idea was a poem or a skit, a joke or a short story. in this case 'rare finds' turned out to be a novel. it's so much better as a novel than a script ever could be. at least as written by me! lykee li wasn't so famous back then and i loved the notion of a black and white video with a beautiful woman singing straight to camera. it is straightforward and simple. it's not trying to be something bigger or more flashy. it is being what it's meant to be...a seriously beautiful piece of music. xo, am  photo1  photo2

Saturday, April 16, 2011



there are a few versions of this song, and i have to say i never get tired of hearing it. i will never love you more than kisses all day. i will never love you more than meeting paul mccartney. i will never love you more than peanut butter. have a great day! it's gorgeous here in southern california and last night i finished my PSA for a domestic violence shelter and the client loved it. so i am going surfing. enjoy the day! stay beautiful, lovely and creative. blessings, am  photo1  photo2

Friday, April 15, 2011


can't wait to post clip from our film 'bark' which is a road trip about a woman and her dog... hence the title. we shot on the canon 7d and used the H4 Zoom recorder, what an easy, compact way to shoot a film. the first photo is of luna, the doggie star, in the seedy motel where we shot. then again in front of the coolest automotive shop, scott's, where we shot exteriors.xo, am

Thursday, April 14, 2011



beautiful anna wearing faux fur!! prada's fake fur is so gorgeous. while the annual baby seal hunt is on in canada right now, i made a vow to post about the reality of buying fur. it comes from animals, in this case baby seals. if we don't buy the fur, the guys don't kill the animals. it's as simple as that. i have been shopping at stella on beverly and kelly, the girl who helps me, comments on the fact that i always wear faux leather and faux fur.  i just bought the greatest stella 'leather' kitten heels and wore them to the screening of my movie. super chic. there are so many designers who refuse to participate in creating products that cause such so much suffering. fashion is so beautiful. and so are seals. xoxo, am