Saturday, December 31, 2011

Friday, December 30, 2011


happy new year to all. may 2012 bring you happiness, health and peace, and may all beings be free from suffering and pain. i posted these pics of lou doillon because i think she's such a unique and organic, individual artist. a person who is authentically her own....which brings me to my wish for 2012: to be as true to myself and my vision as possible. to be unafraid to step out even more from the crowd and go against the trends, in film, in writing, in fashion and business. and i wish for you that you too, step out from the crowd and go your own way. that you too relish in your uniqueness and your voice and your gifts. enjoy, be safe, be smart and i look forward to an amazing and awesome year! xo, annette

Friday, December 23, 2011


jesmyn ward recently won the national book award! yea!! here's an excerpt about writing and rejection from jesmyn wards' blog, jesmimi. "Whenever I speak to audiences about my fiction, inevitably I'm asked about rejection. How many times did you face rejection, they ask. And I tell them: many times. My first novel was dead in the water for 3 years, three years of submission and rejection, and I had exactly one story published during that time. I was working at the University of New Orleans during the years following Hurricane Katrina. Driving through New Orleans East for work, through that wasted landscape, the houses rotting and spray-painted, the empty streets, the waste from the flood still sitting where the water deposited it when it receded subdued me so thoroughly I didn't write a new sentence for 3 years. Fine, I thought, I'll shut up now. I told despair: You win. I began looking up the pre-requisite courses I'd need to enter a nursing program, began plotting my return to school, my leave from writing.

And then Doug Siebold of Agate Publishing said yes to Where the Line Bleeds. Two years later, my editor at Bloomsbury Publishing said yes to my second novel Salvage the Bones. And now, the folks at the National Book Foundation have said yes.

So many can tell you no, I tell my audience, but you only need one person to say yes."

What lovely words for all creative people.  Now I'm going to get her book and curl up next to the fire and read 'Salvage the Bones'. Happy Holidays to you all! xo, annette

Monday, December 5, 2011


i was thrilled that my dear friend buck shanty, an artist and curator, opened his show 'fuel, punk rock and other toys' in LA for one night-only. it inspired me to write about punk rock, which was and still is an influence on film, fashion and music. buck shanty toured in 1982 as a filmmaker for the infamous documentary 'another state of mind', do yourself a favor and watch this amazing footage. and his show last weekend brought together a retrospective of work created by influential artists who were part of this rebellious era. "We were all young, the world was our toy, and we were fueled by the energy of a unique club scene and movement that has never been recreated." rest of interview here. buck's show was amazing and his friends and beautiful family were all there to support him. photos from: my canon 7d, tumblr, david palmer, jessamyn dodd, monk rock(b&w shot of band he managed, social distortion) and images from buck's show.

Friday, December 2, 2011


watched love story the other night. not because i wanted a good cry, but because i came across a photo of ali macgraw in a peacoat and skirt and remembered how much i loved her in that film. the video link has a country song overlayed and unfortunately it's not the love story theme. enjoy your weekend!!! oxoxo, am