Friday, March 30, 2012


i pretty much wear sweaters every single day. that's the deal. i happen to love wearing sweaters for a number of reasons: 1. i am always cold  2. sweaters are comfy and cozy  3. sweaters hide the bloat 4. they come in the greatest colors and designs. have a warm, fun, safe weekend! xo, annette  photos

Monday, March 26, 2012


one of my dogs boot-scooted on my favorite rug today. i was so mad because when a dog boot-scoots it stinks everything the booty comes in contact with. yuck! so i check my dog, make sure she's okay...then i check my rug and it stinks! my gorgeous kilim rug smells like stinky poop. anyhow, i call my mom who is really good at knowing how to fix these everyday household/life problems, and she says vinegar and water and blot it. so i do. but eventually i'm going to have to get the rug cleaned if my doggie decides to once again scoot-on-down-the-road on top of it.  have a great week and blessings to you all, xo annette  "i can't stop pointing to the beauty. every moment and place says, put this design in your carpet!' ~Rumi  photos, photos, photos.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


this has been a rough day. work was stressful and in the news i read about muslims killed in france and three jewish people killed by perhaps the same gunperson. there seems to be a lot of anger towards those who are different; immigrants, gays, muslims...but why be so scared of those who are not like everyone else? is it because we cannot see ourselves in 'the other'? yuna is an amazing singer who is muslim. she's beautiful and stylish and has the sweetest, calmest voice. the second video is called 'live your life'  (check out this amazing remix) which is really my mantra these days. 'live your life' which means let others live their lives. let them be who they are, let them fail, or fall apart, let others succeed and be big, let your loved ones fly and be free, and you, beautiful you, move forward and live YOUR life. enjoy the videos. xo, annette photos

Sunday, March 18, 2012


my friend michelle fiordaliso just finished writing her novel!!  i've had the pleasure of reading some of it...and it's sooooo good. i am always inspired and impressed when people have a vision, see it through to the end, then send it out into the world for us to experience and enjoy. have a fabulous monday, stay the course with your dreams, have faith and keep going! i will do the same. blessings xoxox, am  photos: ohmygossip, deaf-ears,

Monday, March 12, 2012


it's beautiful this morning in southern california! i'm surprised it is sunny and warm and feels like summer in march. i'm going to finish shooting the beginning of my film 'bark' and send it off to festivals. also, starting my new film in a few months....more to tell! xo, annette photos, photos

Friday, March 9, 2012


in honor of stella mccartney being so unbelievably are some pics from her 2012 collection party. i love that she harms no animals...i know i keep harping on this but it means alot to me that i can be fashionable...and another living being doesn't have to suffer and die because of it. i feel clean. blessings and have a great weekend!! xo, am  photos

Monday, March 5, 2012


she says it better than i could ever dream of. stella mccartney is amazing. the article in new york times about stella was great and she said that the continual use of fur and leather shows a lack of innovation on the part of designers. which i totally agree with! every industry has changed with the times, inventing new products, but the fashion industry is still operating from the same, old-world ideas of 1900's. stella mccartney has come up with some very interesting alternatives to leather and fur, her 'snakeskin' bags are gorgeous and soft and light and her 'leather' sandals are so classy and comfy. watch this video and let me know what you think. repost it on your blog if you'd like. it's about time we start making noise and calling out these designers who are blindly selling us products that are no good for us, for animals or for our beautiful planet. blessings to you all! xoxo, annette

Sunday, March 4, 2012


it is so warm here in southern california that it feels like summer. but i know this isn't the case for many others who have been hit with horrible weather and tornadoes. my prayers are with those who've lost everything they owned in the storms and for their animals to be reunited and safe by their sides. sometimes i don't really realize how blessed i truly am. have a safe and wonderful week.  xo, am photos: reckless asylym, coastin