Friday, November 30, 2012



i just watched madonna's film 'w.e.' and it was really beautiful! i wasn't too interested in seeing it when it came out, but over the holiday weekend i went on a movie-marathon binge and madonna's film proved to be one of the more interesting ones. the costumes in 'w.e.' are stunning and the acting is wonderful(especially andrea riseborough who plays wallis simpson). abel korzeniowski did the soundtrack and he also did tom ford's soundtrack for 'a single man,' so of course, it sounds amazing. if you like history and beauty and great costumes and romance, this is a feast for the eyes and the ears...enjoy! xo, annette

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


i have been exploring the nature of beauty lately. what does it mean to be beautiful? who defines this for us? as women? as men? it is always difficult to step away from the herd; to speak out against something or speak out for something when everyone else is following the leader(s). it's wonderful that we're accepting different notions of beauty and different notions of families and different notions of sexualities and power structures. the world is changing. people are moving beyond unquestioned assumptions and waking up. they are telling the truth in work, in their relationships, within their families and with friends. tell the truth, whatever it is, tell your truth. how exciting this world can be! blessings, xoxoxo
billy hells

Friday, November 23, 2012


this is perhaps one of the best documentaries ever. if you want to watch a truly good movie, well-structured, with great characters, watch king of kong, you won't regret it! i promise. xoxoox
 king of kong trailer

Thursday, November 22, 2012


i love thanksgiving. i love getting together with family and friends and setting aside time to be grateful for this beautiful experience called life. at the same time, i am always reminded that the first peoples of our amazing country, the native americans, had their traditions stripped from them, their land taken away, their culture and their history re-written(or never told at all). so on this day of thanks and gratitude, i say on behalf of our ancestors 'thank you for helping us learn to live off the land, thank you for sharing your abundance with us, thank you for helping us survive in a land we knew nothing about. and we are sorry. sorry to have killed you, sorry to put you on reservations, sorry to have broken our promise ti you. still.' have a blessed day. xoxoxo, annette

first people u.s.   indian pictures

Friday, November 16, 2012


this makes me so happy! crocodile bags and shoes. so classy and so chic...and of course, no animals harmed because they're stella mccartney's. sweet! why can't all designers wake up to the fact that we live in a connected world, an innovative world, a world where animals aren't here for our exploitation, a world where the pollution and suffering of others does effect us even if we think it doesn't. we don't live isolated and in a bubble anymore. and yet...and designers(especially the big designers) still live in the past, like living with the belief that the world is flat. very few design houses have woken up to the reality that the world has changed, that we can't live the way we used to: unsustainable manufacturing practices, exploitation of workers, antiquated design materials like leather and fur. thank goodness for stella mccartney and other designers following in her footsteps: jill milan handbags, jeffrey campbell vegan line, cri de couer,  and more.  bravo for crocodile bags and shoes. i'm sure big old, scale-y crocodiles like them too. xoxoxo, am

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


i am officially obsessed with cisco brothers. seriously. i just got my new cosmo sofa and holy smokes it's gorgeous! i also love that cisco is made in LA with sustainable materials, and the folks that work there are so nice! right up my alley.

 more pics here. xxoxo, annette