Sunday, November 24, 2013


my film friday is the illusionist starring edward norton and jessica beil. it's a lovely movie, very subtle and clever and well-acted. it's also beautiful to watch. it's a film about illusions and magic and how we see what we choose to see, or want to see. it's also a beautiful love story. i watched this movie in the theater when it came out and really enjoyed it and watched it again on television this weekend. settle in on a cold night and watch this's worth it. oxoxo

Friday, November 8, 2013


i was really looking forward to seeing we steal secrets: the story of wikileaks. it's my film friday pick for a few reasons: 1. nothwithstanding this movie, alex gibney is a really good filmmaker(taxi to the darkside, client 9, gonzo) 2. wikileaks is an organization that lends itself to scrutiny, controversy and mystery. 3. julian assange 4. any info and backstory on bradley manning is worth at least the 2hrs of your free time.

i'm not going to review the film, though i will say i was confused about the first part of the title---we steal secrets---because it implies wikileaks steals secrets, which i knew even before watching the movie wasn't true. alex gibney gets his title from a phrase spoken by ex-CIA/NSA director michael hayden, who is talking about the united states and it's covert operatives. he says "we steal secrets." meaning the us government steals secrets. it has nothing to do with the story of wikileaks. super misleading.

but if you want to 1. watch a compelling, well-made, though possibly innaccurate movie 2. know more about wikileaks 3. see footage of a young julian assange with a ponytail 4. be even more interested in the government's case against bradley/chelsea manning, then watch this movie.

but if you do watch it, do yourself a favor and read through some of the wikileaks annotated transcripts of the film, which is equally as fascinating, if not more than gibney's movie.

wikileaks also did talking points for the upcoming dreamworks film 'the fifth estate' which you can read here.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


my uncle is visiting us and he's a bluegrass harmonica player. it's been such a treat to wake up in the morning to the wailing of a bluegrass harp! so in honor of my 87-year-old uncle, my film friday pick is a german film called 'the broken circle breakdown.'   the movie is a festival favorite and comes out nov. 1.   the soundtrack is amazing and the film is worth seeing for the music alone.
film clips!

enjoy. xoxo, annette

Friday, October 18, 2013


okay another plug for our film perfection because it's screening this sunday, the 20th, in santa monica at the laemmle 4 plex @1pm. it's part of the reel recovery film festival, so come say hi and support indie filmmakers.  blessings, annette

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


my teachers.

today's film friday comes on wednesday because i've been at a retreat with my buddhist teacher thich nhat hanh. he is a true leader, a true peace activist, a lover of all life; people, animals, plants and this planet. please do yourself a favor and watch this video. it's a gift to the world.

Friday, October 4, 2013


writing can be a lonely experience and when i'm stuck, i'm always on the lookout for inspiration.
most of the time i find it in unexpected places and circumstances; an overheard conversation, a new song, a photograph, a great movie, but truth be told, i am very inspired by fashion.

today's film friday isn't a traditional movie, it's stella mccartney's 2014 runway show. stella continually pushes the boundaries of what's possible in fashion, both because of who she is(an ethical designer) and because of her incredible innovations with textile development. she is finding new ways to create fabrics and products that do not require animals to be killed for fashion, and her faux leathers and suedes feel amazing and are incredible looking.

enjoy part or all of the show! xoxo blessings, annette

Monday, September 30, 2013


houston, we have a problem.

we watched this movie again over the weekend in the waiting room of our car dealership. jeez it's good. we actually waited an extra 1/2 hour in the waiting room to watch the whole thing.

here is another space movie that's coming out, a thriller, with george clooney and sandra bullock. too much grunting in the trailer for me but it looks scary and alfonso cuaron is a fantastic director.

so what is it about space movies that makes them perfect for great storytelling? uncharted territories? hero's journey? unknown antagonists? danger? man vs. nature? life/death stakes? all of the above?
and how do we incorporate these storytelling elements inherent in space exploration films into other genres? xoxoxo

Friday, September 20, 2013


storytelling takes many forms and though i'm a fan of the visual medium, the written word and spoken word are equally amazing and powerful.

here's one of the best audio story pieces i've ever heard. it's from the spoken word series, 'the moth' which is a series that originated in nyc and is now performed all over the world.

it's a true story by the late dr. alan rabinowitz, founder & CEO of panthera, a non-profit that protects large wild cats, and it is unforgettable, inspiring and beautiful.

do yourself a favor...settle into a comfy chair, turn off your cell phone and be transported to the magical jungles of the amazon, you'll never forget this experience, i promise!

xoxo, blessings annette

Saturday, September 7, 2013


i am looking forward to seeing steve mcqueen's newest film '12 years a slave'.

mcqueen's movies('shame' and 'hunger') are brutal and i'm sure mcqueen doesn't hold back depicting the horrors of slavery. but he's also the perfect director to bring depth, beauty and honesty to a subject as complicated as human trafficking. some of the scenes might be a bit much for my tender eyes and heart, i hate to see people hurt and victimized, but slavery is also a reality of our country's history. we stole people from their homes and enslaved them. we brutalized them. we sold them and displaced them. this is a truth of our nation. and as uncomfortable as it is to know and watch this, the truth is always better exposed.

'12 years a slave' comes out this fall. keep your eyes open for it. blessings xoxo, annette

Friday, August 30, 2013


today's friday pick is our own film 'perfection. writer/director/actress christina beck cut together this interview she and i did during shooting, where we talked about the making of this lovely film. in this interview christina and i discuss story, and the themes of our movie, which if you resonate with them, please retweet and repost on your fb page, blogs,'s great to have support!

'perfection' is screening in nyc september 28th at the quad cinema. hope you enjoy our behind-the-scenes interview. watch more interviews with the filmmakers here and here. xoxo blessings, annette

Friday, August 23, 2013


another documentary is my film friday pick. undefeated is a study in great characters, tension and and high stakes. this movie won an academy award. a classic story well-told. watch it here. xo, annette

Friday, August 16, 2013


film friday pick is going waaaaaay back......

my brother-in-law keva rosenfeld, directed his first film in 1984. it's an amazing high school documentary called 'all american high' and it's screening saturday night in santa monica with amy heckerling's classic high school film 'fast times at ridgemont high'.  both directors will be at the screening.

there's nothing more to say about these two films except that to see them together on the big screen will be, in the words of jeff spicoli, "awesome! totally awesome!"

Sunday, August 11, 2013


so it's 2013 and it's time to wake up to the reality that plastics suck. they really do. they break down into little particles and get mixed up in our soils and our waterways and poison living things. birds think the colorful pieces are are food and they die with stomachs full of plastic. plastics mess up our lakes, parks, forests and oceans....and they are made from petroleum. how bad can a product get?

but there are people and companies doing something about it. and we can too. never use plastic bags, bring your own silverware to fast food places(better yet, don't eat fast food), buy products that don't use plastic, and support companies that make things with recycled plastics. it's time to change. it's time to give up the old habits. it's time to use our god-given talents and abilities to make this world a better, safer, healthier place for all living beings. xox blessings, annette

photos from photographer & environmental hero chris jordan

Friday, August 9, 2013


when i was in nyc for the ifp lab with our film 'perfection', our fellow ifp lab filmmakers ron and eleanor were working on a most lovely movie called 'stranger things'.

lucky for's now available on demand and through itunes and amazon!

it's a beautiful, truthful movie about loss and connection, and eleanor and ron are thoughtful, intelligent please support independent films and filmmakers by watching their movie. enjoy my film friday pick. xoxo, annette

Saturday, August 3, 2013


my film friday pick is yet another documentary!  because of what's happening right now in zimbabwe with robert mugabe's re-election, i thought this a fitting pick. 'mugabe and the white african'.

'mugabe and the white african' is a film that received much acclaim and deservedly so. it follows mike campbell and his family, white africans, who have farmed their land for over 50 years. the film exposes the land resettlement and reform program in zimbabwe and how mugabe is taking farm land from white africans to give to black peasants. it's a documentary that raises as many questions as it answers, and i've researched a bit of history and this land resettlement process has a long and complicated past. the british colonized southern rhodesia in late 1800's mainly for exploitation of africa's mineral rights. during this period, white farmers purchased(took) much of the fertile tribal land away from the africans who'd lived and farmed that land for generations. these tribes did not hold title to their land, as most indigenous cultures do not, and they had no access to banking and loans to compete with influx of money coming from england. when mugabe came to power in 1980's he wanted this 'stolen' land re-distributed to the african peasants. it became a battle that ultimately resulted in violence and destruction. this documentary raises the question, who took land from whom? see for yourself, watch the entire film here. or here. let me know what you think. xoxo, am

Saturday, July 27, 2013


this is from the website for blackfish,  my film friday pick: "blackfish tells the story of tilikum, a performing killer whale that killed several people while in captivity. along the way, director-producer gabriela cowperthwaite compiles shocking footage and emotional interviews to explore the creature’s extraordinary nature, the species’ cruel treatment in captivity, the lives and losses of the trainers and the pressures brought to bear by the multi-billion dollar sea-park industry.

this emotionally wrenching, tautly structured story challenges us to consider our relationship to nature and reveals how little we humans have learned from these highly intelligent and enormously sentient fellow mammals."

please support this movie. another indie film that needs our help & our money and time. thanks so much and please share this on fb and twitter!!! blessings, annette

Sunday, July 21, 2013


okay today's film friday(sorry it's sunday) is the incredible documentary entitled 'the house i live in.' it's a stark and honest look at america's war on drugs. it's a movie about social justice as viewed through the criminal justice system, specifically the war on drugs and it's one of the best documentaries i've seen lately. it's also an important film, so please watch it and pass the word on to others. 'the house i live in ' isn't about how bad drugs are, or about the legal incarceration of criminals, it's not even about good vs. evil, it's a story about justice. and money. and injustice and broken systems. here's an interview with the talented director eugene jarecki and another one from a sundance interview with jarecki. let me know what you think about this week's film friday pick. blessings, annette

Friday, July 12, 2013


forks over knives is this week's friday pick. although most of my film friday picks are traditional docs and features, the information in this film is vitally important given the state of our planet and our bodies. i am currently on a retreat; an amazing juice & water fast retreat in northern california, and most of my days are filled with meditation, watching educational, nutritional videos and learning about cooking and wellness. i'm meeting people who are becoming really healthy and a doctor & yoga teacher in their late 60's still working, creating and living amazing, healthy lives. needless to say, i'm having a blast!

forks over knives is one of the most important health-related films i've seen thus far. i say this because it is science-based. the film explains how most degenerative diseases can be eradicated and/or reversed through diet. i know it's a bold claim, and many people poo-poo it as a solution to serious health problems, but the two doctors in the documentary, dr. t. colin campbell and dr. caldwell esselstyn, provide the hard science behind these claims. the film is based on their works: dr. t. colin cambell's the china study, which is regarded as the most comprehensive nutritional study ever done on diet and disease, and dr. esselstyn's prevent and reverse heart disease. the china study is a must read  for anyone interested in health or interested in healing from illness, and prevent and reverse heart disease is a must read for anyone diagnosed with heart disease! also read dr. t. colin campbell's newest book whole: rethinking the science of nutrition.

forks over knives focuses on the real information via scientific studies on nutrition and disease. the film is also a fascinating look at big agriculture, lobbyists, the USDA, FDA and the food industry. but the best way to sum up this film is from the forks over knives website itself:  "the science is clear. if you want to be healthy, change your diet."  blessings, xoxo annette

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013


i don't usually pick blockbuster movies for film fridays, but i saw now you see me this weekend. this isn't a review since i don't want to discuss a spoiler alert and i'm not a film critic. i am going to share my experience as an audience member.

one of the premises of now you see me is 'slight of hand'. we all know that magic centers around spectacle and distraction, so this theme isn't new. however, in lieu of what's happening in our culture, with reality shows, honey boo-boo, the kardashians, the bling ring, fame, celebrity, tv shows, and yes, even movies....we have become totally distracted while magicians do their tricks. we watch the spectacles: war, tv, our political dramas, while corporations rob us of our money, the government robs us of our rights, our liberties, our democracy, and whistle blowers are tortured and imprisoned. and this movie shows us how they do it! check out chris hedges aptly titled book: empire of illusion: the end of literacy and the triumph of spectacle.

another theme in the movie is 'the closer you look, the less you see'. this runs throughout the movie, a bit overused i would say, but in the end it pays off. the idea of being too close to something naturally closes off other possibilities, wider versions of what is really happening. like a horse wearing blinders, we see what we can in our narrow view of things, and miss the rest of the picture.

i am giving this movie a lot of credit where credit might not be due. it's an action-packed summer film, with lots of cool special effects, and it doesn't go much deeper. but the themes of the movie, the storyline that we are being tricked and deceived is accurate and serious. i couldn't help thinking about how we are all being duped as i watched this movie. let me know what you think!!

blessings, xoxoxo

Friday, June 7, 2013


i'm a huge fan of documentaries. and a huge fan of beautifully shot movies. so the documentary tell them who you are, about cinematographer haskell wexler, is right up my alley. this film is directed and shot by haskell wexler's son mark wexler, a photojournalist and filmmaker in his own right, and it centers around mark's relationship with his oscar-winning father. haskell wexler is a dynamic lead character; talented, obsessed, handsome, ego-driven, political, iconic and controversial and mark navigates his father's work and personal life with bravery and honesty. i learned a lot about haskell as a filmmaker and even more about him as a husband, colleague and father. and although the movie explores the life of an artist, it is ultimately a father&son story. make sure after you watch the film, watch the special features section where haskell watches the completed movie for the first time.

Friday, May 10, 2013


"the most important film for an american to see if you have a child or know someone who has one." louis psihoyos, oscar winning director of 'the cove' 

lunch hour is a feature documentary by actor/filmmaker/activist, and all-around foxy, great guy, james costa. the film examines america's school lunch programs. gasp! and how we, as a society, expose our children to some of the most unhealthy foods imaginable. does anyone remember corned beef hash with gravy and how it looked like barf? and bright yellow pieces of day-glo cake? jello that tasted like chemicals?

kids have no choice of what to eat in school, like in prison, and they're given foods that serve business interests and not health interests.  it's about time someone took the veil off of these 'socially acceptable foods' that our schoolchildren eat, and filmmakers james costa and todd spradlin do just that!

it's not hard to feed a kid decent food. it might be hard to feed them great, healthy, organic foods, but why can't we feed our schoolchildren decent, healthy food? to find out, watch this doc! send this to your friends, and their friends, and their friend's friends. 

Friday, April 26, 2013


short and oh so wonderful. today's film friday is the oscar winning short film ‘wasp’ by the most amazing director andrea arnold.  it's 20 minutes of raw, truthful and heartfelt storytelling. 'wasp' follows a day in the life of a young mother with four kids, without much money or emotional resources, who reconnects with an old boyfriend. it’s heartbreakingly lovely. the kind of film i want to write, the kind of film i want to make. the kind of film that stays with you for a long, long time. do yourself a storytelling favor and watch the film here.

Friday, April 19, 2013


in lieu of the horrible events that have occurred in boston, afghanistan, texas and syria this past week, my film friday post is about war. specifically about one man's journey to show us the realities of war so that we may see our insanity and stop hurting each other. the war photographer is an incredible film. it is an accurate portrayal of one the world's best photojournalists, james nachtwey. he is a dear friend of mine, and as far as i'm concerned, one of the most powerful forces in the anti-war movement. his photos expose the true nature of war, it's randomness, it's devastation and the costs in terms of pain, suffering and exploitation of innocent victims. it is a fascinating documentary, and watching james nachtwey navigate war-torn situations with such calm and focus, sets an example of how we can all face this evil with the assurance of a master. "I have been a witness, and these pictures are my testimony. The events I have recorded should not be forgotten and must not be repeated." James Nachtwey.

i am praying for the victims of these horrific bombings in boston and praying for the perpetrators who have caused such damage. and as saddened as i am that this has happened, i am grateful every time i see one of james nachtwey's photos, that someone is still out there fighting the good fight. may we all learn that war is not the answer. to any of our conflicts. war is never the answer.   all photos: james nachtwey

Saturday, April 13, 2013


in keeping with an italian theme, i was invited to a screening at the italian film festival this weekend where i saw 's film si puo fare(translated as 'we can do that'). si puo fare is a perfectly delightful movie.  the movie is based on an amalgamation of true stories about mental institutions and the mentally ill in italy during the 1980's. in the late 80's italy closed down many of their mental institutions releasing thousands of mental patients into society without training, support or preparation.  si puo fare follows a group of mental patients(think 'one flew over the cuckoos nest') as they navigate life in the 'normal' world. this film is a lovely examination of mental illness and the medicalization of groups of people. it's worth seeing if you can find it....check here for rest of sd festival or here to find an italian film festival in your town! xo, annette  ps. the soundtrack is fantastic!  if anyone can find it please let me know.

Monday, April 8, 2013


i watched this film again this weekend. in honor of roger ebert, and in honor of great films. fellini's nights of cabiria is such a lovely movie, and it's the film where i fell in love with gulieta masina.

Friday, March 29, 2013


it's hard for me to recommend this documentary. i say this because of the subject matter: a missing child and a con-man lead character. it also sheds light on abuse and neglect and it's devastating effects on children. however, because it received such great reviews everywhere, i decided to watch it on netflix. and i'm glad i did. sort of. the imposter is very well structured, and anyone writing a thriller or who-done-it-movie should watch and learn. the true story is unbelievable, and the filmmaker's telling of this crazy story is a study in tension and structure. at first i was bracing myself for a disturbing experience: an american, blue-eyed boy missing from his home in texas, a family in shock and grief, and three years later the missing boy shows up in spain, with a french accent, brown hair and brown eyes. as you can guess by the title of the movie, this boy is an imposter! but what follows next, when the family meets their missing unbelievable. it's really hard to fathom that this is a true story, but apparently it is.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


my short film 'bark' was just accepted to the international bare bones film festival. yea!!! we are beyond thrilled it got in. i'll keep you posted as it does the festival circuit. so happy for my talented team. blessings xo, annette

Friday, March 8, 2013


i'm posting some of my favorite women filmmakers in honor of international women's day! a day where we celebrate all women, everywhere, in all languages, of all religions, in all socio-economic classes, of every age and every color! the world will be changed for the better by the power and intelligence of women.

here's to more women filmmakers:
andrea arnold's fish tank
mira nair's mississippi masala
lynee ramsay's we need to talk about kevin
lucretia martel's the headless woman 
sofia coppola's virgin suicides 

debra granik's winter's bone
lisa cholodenko's the kids are all right
penny marshall's big
penelope spheeris' wayne's world
and lauren greenfield's the queen of versailles 

of course there are so many more amazing, truly amazing documentary, feature, tv, animated, short, music video filmmakers out there! so here's to seeing more women making movies and telling their stories!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


one of the better films i've seen this year. a must-see for all filmmakers who want to effect change. i thought i wouldn't be able to watch the invisible war as it focuses on rape and sexual assault in the military, but the filmmakers did a great job balancing the specifics of each assault, with how these women & men are rebuilding their lives and fighting for justice. definitely a movie worth watching. check out dates and places for the invisible war. it's also on netflix instant streaming. xoxo, annette

Friday, February 8, 2013


billy the kid - the documetary, is one of my all-time favorite movies. i really fell for this film and it's lead character billy price. at first billy seems like a typical small-town teenager, struggling to find his way in life, but soon we see that billy is quite unique. he looks at the world in a candid, honest, vulnerable way, a way that most 16 year old boys would never do. one of my favorite quotes from the film references billy's understanding of his own personality, making no apologizes for his 'differences.'

"I'm not black, I'm not white, not foreign...just different in the mind. Different brains, that's all."

Friday, February 1, 2013


this is one of my favorite movies: fassibinder's fear eats the soul. this little gem of a movie is one of fassbinder's best works and this is a clip where emmi, the leading lady, breaks down because all her friends and family have judged and abandoned her after she falls in love with a much-younger  Moroccan man.  i have always wanted to do a remake of this movie and recently started a short version of the film. we begin shooting this spring, so keep checking back for updates, photos and maybe a clip or two. blessings, xoxoxo am

Monday, January 28, 2013


calling all londoners...our film 'perfection' will screen in the uk, february 9th at the rio cinema! click on our facebook page to like us and get updates...and of course, spread the word to support independent films and filmmakers. if you attend the screening in london, please introduce yourself to the director, christina beck since i can't go, she would love to hear from you! xoxoxox, annette

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


looking for artwork for our new home and i came across these gorgeous pieces by natasha law from the very cool dealer blaire clarke. have a look at blaire's collection of artists, they are quite interesting and good!

Friday, January 11, 2013


jiro dreams of sushi is a lovely movie to curl up on the couch and watch. jiro ono is 85 years old and after finding his dream job(sushi chef) at a very young age, he embarked on a journey to become the best at making, serving and preparing sushi. the film traces the history of this true artist and explores jiro's family life and his current success at being the highest-starred chef in japan. he continually strives to become better and better, and after 60 years of putting fish on rice he says 'even at my age, in my work, i haven't reached perfection.'  i mean what more can a person learn after 60 years of making sushi? but in this film, we see how even the most simple, mundane, dare i say boring activities of one's job can take on a magical quality when attention is given it. being present and taking care with each activity of one's work and service to the world.

i was fascinated by jiro and his approach to his work. i hope you'll give this film a look-see and tell me if you like it. xoxoxo ps. i have to give a shout out to producer kevin iwashina. he is one smart cookie and all-around great guy.

Monday, December 31, 2012


what an amazing year this has been! the world didn't end. we didn't fall off the fiscal cliff. the election and all it's insanity won't come for another few years. and we are still alive and breathing. god bless this crazy, fantastic, difficult, precious, moment-to-moment life. it has been a most lovely year for us; we moved into our new home with the most amazing ocean view, we weathered a lot of travel, donated money to causes we believed in, took care of those around us, stayed clean with our bodies and mind and worked hard to be present and kind. i am grateful for a year of change and am looking forward to the next 12 months. i hope you all have a wonderful and safe and memorable evening....see you in 2013! xoxoxo, annette

Friday, December 21, 2012


first off, i love this title: 'all that heaven allows'. i wish i would've thought of it for my film, or novel or short's perfect in so many ways. 'all that heaven allows' is a great film for the holidays. it's directed by douglas sirk, who on the surface seems like the typical technicolor-studio-director, but when you go deeper, it's obvious that sirk is much more than a feel-good, tear-jerker storyteller. sirk explores real issues in his movies, like difficult teenagers and lonely wives and taboo relationships. i came upon this movie via fassbinder's film 'fear eats the soul' which was influenced by 'all that heaven allows.' i watched both movies and fell in love with sirk and his work. i won't say too much about this snowy, cozy movie, except that it could be the original cougar storyline(though not really) as it centers around a middle-aged woman who falls in love with a younger man who happens to be her gardener! oh the shame! anyhow, it's worth watching for sure. and check out fassbinder's interpretation as well. fantastic film! xoxo, am

photos: criterion contraption

Monday, December 17, 2012


my favorite bowls, pottery and cups are from heath ceramics. when my best friend asked me what i wanted for my birthday this year, i said 'a set of heath mugs please' and donate money to a great charity. if you want to give the coolest gift, give a heath mug or pitcher or set of plates, they are gorgeous. and check out these cute tea towels from these gals: skinny laminx and sarah elizabeth. they'll make perfect housewarming or holiday gifts for friends or co-workers. xoxo, annette

Saturday, December 15, 2012


my second post on holiday shopping. if you must shop this year(and that is a difficult habit to curb and break) here is another artist to support:  mt. washington pottery!  i am so smitten by these magical bells. check out both of these websites to see how to order them. xoxoxo, annette photos: wendy polish and mt. washington pottery

Friday, December 14, 2012


another doc on my film friday list, chasing ice.  chasing ice follows the photographer james balog as he photographed disappearing glaciers over a period of years to show the world what is happening to these amazing natural structures. the photography(and cinematography) in this movie is stunnung. anyone interested in nature cinematography needs to see chasing ice on the big screen, and the director jeff orlowski did a great job focusing the story on both global warming and the life of an artist. james balog is a man on a mission. he is a poet and photographer out to change the world by showing people the reality of CO2 emissions on our planet. the movie is also quite dramatic. not so much in the structure of the film, but in the story of a protagonist(balog) facing obstacle after obstacle, mostly in the form of nature's powerful, unpredictable weather, to achieve his goal. in that sense it's a good example of a lead character's heroes journey. lastly, the reality of what humans are doing to the very basic foundation of our earth is alarming, to say the least. watching icebergs crumble and tumble and melt away are images that are unforgettable. chasing ice is worth watching in the theater but if you can't, be sure to watch it any way you can! blessings and have a great weekend. xoxo, annette

Sunday, December 9, 2012


as my holiday protest against the mega-store, online, superchain stores(gap, shopbop, macy's, h&m, neimans, anthropologie, walmart, target, barney's...etc..etc...) continues, i've decided to post about artisans i love. some will be high-end, more expensive and others more affordable. so if you have the desire to contribute to the GDP this season, look at these artists and spend your hard-earned money with them.

the first artisan is: siemon and salazar. caleb siemon and carmen salazar make the most amazing hand-blown glass vases and lights. i have one of their vases and it is as stunning now as it was four years ago when i bought it(along with a piece by bill burch) at ok in los angeles. so if you want to get a gift for the person who appreciates beauty and luxury and timeless quality, a siemon and salazar piece is just for them! blessings and happy shopping. xoxo, annette  photos

Friday, December 7, 2012


okay, the greatest movie ever sold wouldn't make my top ten docs. the structure was a bit all over the place and it could've been told in 40minutes, like morgan's tv episode shows(which are pretty good). however, morgan spurlock is smart and funny(playful and mindful as the brand consultant labels him), so for anyone interested in making movies, or independent filmmakers, anyone trying to raise money, any parent, or anyone who buys anything, this movie is for you! morgan takes us behind the scenes of big advertising agencies to explore the realities of 'product placement' in film & tv(and even in our school systems).  i'm not going to tell you my thoughts on the content but i will say i learned a hella-lot about how brands work, how ad agencies hold pitch meetings and how some films get financed. if you have the chutzpah to sell, sell, pitch, sell, pitch sell, sell and sell, watch this movie. maybe it will help you raise some much-needed dough for your film! remember: don't sell in. blessings to you all. and happy friday! xo, annette

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


i remember when this song came out. i was in pre-production for SuperChicas and was looking for music, for female artists that had a unique sound. i couldn't believe my ears when i heard ana's voice. i watched the video and knew i was listening to a very cool sound and watching a very cool, unique artist. it seems like everyone is trying to be the same as everyone else these days. and these holidays really make it obvious. people are telling us what we should buy for under $100, or $50 or $1000. for our husband's, our kids, our friends. how about we search inside and see if we really want to buy anything this holiday season. but i digress. i love when someone breaks out and does something different! enjoy the holidays and enjoy ana tijoux's song if you haven't heard it yet. xo, annette

Friday, November 30, 2012



i just watched madonna's film 'w.e.' and it was really beautiful! i wasn't too interested in seeing it when it came out, but over the holiday weekend i went on a movie-marathon binge and madonna's film proved to be one of the more interesting ones. the costumes in 'w.e.' are stunning and the acting is wonderful(especially andrea riseborough who plays wallis simpson). abel korzeniowski did the soundtrack and he also did tom ford's soundtrack for 'a single man,' so of course, it sounds amazing. if you like history and beauty and great costumes and romance, this is a feast for the eyes and the ears...enjoy! xo, annette

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


i have been exploring the nature of beauty lately. what does it mean to be beautiful? who defines this for us? as women? as men? it is always difficult to step away from the herd; to speak out against something or speak out for something when everyone else is following the leader(s). it's wonderful that we're accepting different notions of beauty and different notions of families and different notions of sexualities and power structures. the world is changing. people are moving beyond unquestioned assumptions and waking up. they are telling the truth in work, in their relationships, within their families and with friends. tell the truth, whatever it is, tell your truth. how exciting this world can be! blessings, xoxoxo
billy hells