Friday, December 7, 2012


okay, the greatest movie ever sold wouldn't make my top ten docs. the structure was a bit all over the place and it could've been told in 40minutes, like morgan's tv episode shows(which are pretty good). however, morgan spurlock is smart and funny(playful and mindful as the brand consultant labels him), so for anyone interested in making movies, or independent filmmakers, anyone trying to raise money, any parent, or anyone who buys anything, this movie is for you! morgan takes us behind the scenes of big advertising agencies to explore the realities of 'product placement' in film & tv(and even in our school systems).  i'm not going to tell you my thoughts on the content but i will say i learned a hella-lot about how brands work, how ad agencies hold pitch meetings and how some films get financed. if you have the chutzpah to sell, sell, pitch, sell, pitch sell, sell and sell, watch this movie. maybe it will help you raise some much-needed dough for your film! remember: don't sell in. blessings to you all. and happy friday! xo, annette

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