Friday, December 21, 2012


first off, i love this title: 'all that heaven allows'. i wish i would've thought of it for my film, or novel or short's perfect in so many ways. 'all that heaven allows' is a great film for the holidays. it's directed by douglas sirk, who on the surface seems like the typical technicolor-studio-director, but when you go deeper, it's obvious that sirk is much more than a feel-good, tear-jerker storyteller. sirk explores real issues in his movies, like difficult teenagers and lonely wives and taboo relationships. i came upon this movie via fassbinder's film 'fear eats the soul' which was influenced by 'all that heaven allows.' i watched both movies and fell in love with sirk and his work. i won't say too much about this snowy, cozy movie, except that it could be the original cougar storyline(though not really) as it centers around a middle-aged woman who falls in love with a younger man who happens to be her gardener! oh the shame! anyhow, it's worth watching for sure. and check out fassbinder's interpretation as well. fantastic film! xoxo, am

photos: criterion contraption

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