Friday, December 14, 2012


another doc on my film friday list, chasing ice.  chasing ice follows the photographer james balog as he photographed disappearing glaciers over a period of years to show the world what is happening to these amazing natural structures. the photography(and cinematography) in this movie is stunnung. anyone interested in nature cinematography needs to see chasing ice on the big screen, and the director jeff orlowski did a great job focusing the story on both global warming and the life of an artist. james balog is a man on a mission. he is a poet and photographer out to change the world by showing people the reality of CO2 emissions on our planet. the movie is also quite dramatic. not so much in the structure of the film, but in the story of a protagonist(balog) facing obstacle after obstacle, mostly in the form of nature's powerful, unpredictable weather, to achieve his goal. in that sense it's a good example of a lead character's heroes journey. lastly, the reality of what humans are doing to the very basic foundation of our earth is alarming, to say the least. watching icebergs crumble and tumble and melt away are images that are unforgettable. chasing ice is worth watching in the theater but if you can't, be sure to watch it any way you can! blessings and have a great weekend. xoxo, annette

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