Sunday, December 9, 2012


as my holiday protest against the mega-store, online, superchain stores(gap, shopbop, macy's, h&m, neimans, anthropologie, walmart, target, barney's...etc..etc...) continues, i've decided to post about artisans i love. some will be high-end, more expensive and others more affordable. so if you have the desire to contribute to the GDP this season, look at these artists and spend your hard-earned money with them.

the first artisan is: siemon and salazar. caleb siemon and carmen salazar make the most amazing hand-blown glass vases and lights. i have one of their vases and it is as stunning now as it was four years ago when i bought it(along with a piece by bill burch) at ok in los angeles. so if you want to get a gift for the person who appreciates beauty and luxury and timeless quality, a siemon and salazar piece is just for them! blessings and happy shopping. xoxo, annette  photos

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