Friday, November 8, 2013


i was really looking forward to seeing we steal secrets: the story of wikileaks. it's my film friday pick for a few reasons: 1. nothwithstanding this movie, alex gibney is a really good filmmaker(taxi to the darkside, client 9, gonzo) 2. wikileaks is an organization that lends itself to scrutiny, controversy and mystery. 3. julian assange 4. any info and backstory on bradley manning is worth at least the 2hrs of your free time.

i'm not going to review the film, though i will say i was confused about the first part of the title---we steal secrets---because it implies wikileaks steals secrets, which i knew even before watching the movie wasn't true. alex gibney gets his title from a phrase spoken by ex-CIA/NSA director michael hayden, who is talking about the united states and it's covert operatives. he says "we steal secrets." meaning the us government steals secrets. it has nothing to do with the story of wikileaks. super misleading.

but if you want to 1. watch a compelling, well-made, though possibly innaccurate movie 2. know more about wikileaks 3. see footage of a young julian assange with a ponytail 4. be even more interested in the government's case against bradley/chelsea manning, then watch this movie.

but if you do watch it, do yourself a favor and read through some of the wikileaks annotated transcripts of the film, which is equally as fascinating, if not more than gibney's movie.

wikileaks also did talking points for the upcoming dreamworks film 'the fifth estate' which you can read here.

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