Saturday, September 7, 2013


i am looking forward to seeing steve mcqueen's newest film '12 years a slave'.

mcqueen's movies('shame' and 'hunger') are brutal and i'm sure mcqueen doesn't hold back depicting the horrors of slavery. but he's also the perfect director to bring depth, beauty and honesty to a subject as complicated as human trafficking. some of the scenes might be a bit much for my tender eyes and heart, i hate to see people hurt and victimized, but slavery is also a reality of our country's history. we stole people from their homes and enslaved them. we brutalized them. we sold them and displaced them. this is a truth of our nation. and as uncomfortable as it is to know and watch this, the truth is always better exposed.

'12 years a slave' comes out this fall. keep your eyes open for it. blessings xoxo, annette

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