Monday, June 17, 2013


i don't usually pick blockbuster movies for film fridays, but i saw now you see me this weekend. this isn't a review since i don't want to discuss a spoiler alert and i'm not a film critic. i am going to share my experience as an audience member.

one of the premises of now you see me is 'slight of hand'. we all know that magic centers around spectacle and distraction, so this theme isn't new. however, in lieu of what's happening in our culture, with reality shows, honey boo-boo, the kardashians, the bling ring, fame, celebrity, tv shows, and yes, even movies....we have become totally distracted while magicians do their tricks. we watch the spectacles: war, tv, our political dramas, while corporations rob us of our money, the government robs us of our rights, our liberties, our democracy, and whistle blowers are tortured and imprisoned. and this movie shows us how they do it! check out chris hedges aptly titled book: empire of illusion: the end of literacy and the triumph of spectacle.

another theme in the movie is 'the closer you look, the less you see'. this runs throughout the movie, a bit overused i would say, but in the end it pays off. the idea of being too close to something naturally closes off other possibilities, wider versions of what is really happening. like a horse wearing blinders, we see what we can in our narrow view of things, and miss the rest of the picture.

i am giving this movie a lot of credit where credit might not be due. it's an action-packed summer film, with lots of cool special effects, and it doesn't go much deeper. but the themes of the movie, the storyline that we are being tricked and deceived is accurate and serious. i couldn't help thinking about how we are all being duped as i watched this movie. let me know what you think!!

blessings, xoxoxo

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