Friday, June 7, 2013


i'm a huge fan of documentaries. and a huge fan of beautifully shot movies. so the documentary tell them who you are, about cinematographer haskell wexler, is right up my alley. this film is directed and shot by haskell wexler's son mark wexler, a photojournalist and filmmaker in his own right, and it centers around mark's relationship with his oscar-winning father. haskell wexler is a dynamic lead character; talented, obsessed, handsome, ego-driven, political, iconic and controversial and mark navigates his father's work and personal life with bravery and honesty. i learned a lot about haskell as a filmmaker and even more about him as a husband, colleague and father. and although the movie explores the life of an artist, it is ultimately a father&son story. make sure after you watch the film, watch the special features section where haskell watches the completed movie for the first time.

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