Tuesday, August 2, 2011


jackson davis, jackson stewart, david melville, michael piccirilli and jason mason. grrrrrrr....and they are all so talented. jackson davis is an actor who was on the first webisode series LG(LonelyGirl), jackson stewart is a musician, david melville runs a most well-known outdoor shakespeare company in los angeles called independent shakespeare, michael piccirilli was in the sundance film obselidia and jason mason is an actor, dj and creator extraordinaire. i think working with actors is perhaps one of the best parts about making movies and we were so blessed on perfection to have such talented actors, the men and the women. my costume designer tamar michelle did such a great job on the film and i will be doing an interview this month with her on how she began as a costume designer. so stay tuned! photos by stephanie sea, paul mocey-hanton and tamar michelle. xo, am happy wednesday.

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