Friday, June 8, 2012


it's summertime and that means camping, surfing, being in the sun and being in the water. i am so grateful there's still some clean water in southern california. i just watched the documentaries last call at the oasis  and the redford center's watershed. amazing films about water, water ethics, the colorado river and how we're reaching a global crisis with water and it's useage. i am so shocked to learn how much we're polluting our rivers and oceans and how much water we use and waste everyday. so from now on: no more fracking! no more pesticides! no more watering our lawns! no more trash and plastic on the ground! no more bottled water! that's right, you heard me, no more bottled water. from now on it's filtered water from the tap(yes, the tap!) in a reuseable bottle.  here's what you can do . photos: my cannon 7d,  coastin and mollusk surf shop


  1. My husband and children are all surfers. So I know how important clean water is. They surf in Ventura a lot and after a storm the water is so dirty.

  2. i know! it makes me so sad for everyone who loves our oceans. what to do???? especially the storm water drainage into the sea. yikes. i've never surfed Ventura...would love to and if we go(our family) i'll shoot you a line to get best spots. xo

  3. btw t&g, lovely blog, lovely interior design work!