Tuesday, March 20, 2012


this has been a rough day. work was stressful and in the news i read about muslims killed in france and three jewish people killed by perhaps the same gunperson. there seems to be a lot of anger towards those who are different; immigrants, gays, muslims...but why be so scared of those who are not like everyone else? is it because we cannot see ourselves in 'the other'? yuna is an amazing singer who is muslim. she's beautiful and stylish and has the sweetest, calmest voice. the second video is called 'live your life'  (check out this amazing remix) which is really my mantra these days. 'live your life' which means let others live their lives. let them be who they are, let them fail, or fall apart, let others succeed and be big, let your loved ones fly and be free, and you, beautiful you, move forward and live YOUR life. enjoy the videos. xo, annette photos

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