Thursday, April 28, 2011


i love all these pants(as well as christine centenera's style!) and was going to do a post on patterned pants but someone did a good one already. i posted these super cool ksubi jeans with seriously colorful paint splashes all over them on my last blog about two years ago. they are gorgeous. and then today...i find this picture(last photo) from garance dore and lo and behold, they too are ksubi! so say hello to patterned pants this summer. i know i will wear the heck out of my silk, botanical-patterned, zipper-legged, skinny, stella mccartney pants that i've been waiting all winter to wear. yeah patterns!  photo 1, 2, 3 xo, am

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  1. These patterned pants were very unique that it makes the person one of a kind. The 1st woman was so gorgeous especially when she matched up a coat to make the pants looks formal too. the second one was just so comfortable in her outfit.