Monday, April 18, 2011


i used to listen to this song by lykke li over and over and over again when i was writing my script 'rare finds'. the song remains the same, but my script morphed into a soon-to-be-published novel! sometimes writing is like that. i used think ideas were best as scripts or short screenplays, until i let go. i let go of how i thought a story should go and allowed it to take it's natural form, whatever that was. sometimes an idea was a poem or a skit, a joke or a short story. in this case 'rare finds' turned out to be a novel. it's so much better as a novel than a script ever could be. at least as written by me! lykee li wasn't so famous back then and i loved the notion of a black and white video with a beautiful woman singing straight to camera. it is straightforward and simple. it's not trying to be something bigger or more flashy. it is being what it's meant to be...a seriously beautiful piece of music. xo, am  photo1  photo2

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