Tuesday, May 3, 2011


i was born and raised near a border town, san diego/mexico. there's an influx of everything flowing to and from on both sides. mexico has a most amazing culture: the countryside, the food, the parties, the landscape, the art. it also has it's problems: drug trafficking, murders, corruption, poverty and exploitation. the united states is equally complex: affluence and education, celebrity, innovation, pride and the belief that anything is possible. it also has it's problems: drug consumption, imperialism, domination, consumerism and fundamentalism and intolerance. it's a double-edged sword and for those of us who live within miles of this vibrant and exciting permeable membrane know there can never be hard, fast lines drawn between two countries. there is always overflow, seepage of life and identities that can't be contained within arbitrary lines. people and ideas and art and music migrate. both ways. it's the way of the world. borders are diaphanous veils, walk through them lightly. blessings y adios xo, am 

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