Friday, May 13, 2011



it's summertime almost and the water has been cold but lovely and surfable(if that's a word). i am getting a new wetsuit that will keep my body warmer than my old one, but you can see from the snapshot i took at the top, any old wetsuit will do. if you haven't tried surfing now is the time! take a surf lesson this summer! don't be intimidated, just borrow or rent a 7 foot foam board and walk yourself into the ocean. sit on the board and the waves will do the rest. as the waves take you towards shore, sit on your knees or if you feel confident with your balance, stand up with your strongest foot forward and bend your knees. stick out your hands out and hang ten! it really is that simple.
photos: vanity fair pro surfer girls, baliwaves & treehugger & wild lion & surfing the sea


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