Friday, June 17, 2011

been a huge fan of lana gomez for quite some time and we almost bought a painting of hers a year ago, but it sold before we could get to the gallery to see it! ba-waaa. however, lucky for everyone, lana keeps making gorgeous, large-sized art. she's a los angeles painter and her work is that great mixture of tension and lightness and beauty and strength, which the city of LA so generously offers up. her work can be seen at urban hardwoods where they make the most beautiful tables using discarded woods. you can see the grains of wood and 'the story' of each tree in their tabletops. what a great combination. great art inspires so much of my work as a writer and filmmaker, in fact lana's paintings inspire color palettes and long live big, gorgeous trees and making movies, and big, gorgeous paintings! have great weekend. xo, am photos photos photos

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