Saturday, June 11, 2011


when i was a teenager i fell in love. not with a boy from high school, but with a man twenty years my senior, whom i'd never met, who lived in germany and who was making german-language movies. his name was(is) wim wenders. and even now, typing his name brings back school-girl memories of watching 'wings of desire' and 'paris, texas' and feeling that emotion which was not based in romance or physical attraction or even awareness of who he was, but simply loving this person for the work he put out into the world. has that ever happened to you? a purely creative crush!?! even as a teenager, i knew i would watch anything and everything wim wenders did...and i have. so now he has a new movie about dance, and although i haven't seen 'pina', the trailer looks gorgeous and evocative. i am so grateful this filmmaker is back on the scene with another work of amazing art. by the way, once you watch the trailer, you'll want to watch it again and again. the song is catchy and the dancers are incredible.  photos  photos

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