Friday, June 24, 2011


i'm finishing up final edit on a project for a client who provides services and shelter for survivors of domestic violence. what a challenge! to tell a great story using images and music and dialogue is not as easy as it seems. seriously. that's why there are so many baaaaaaaaaaad movies! it can be difficult to make characters interesting and believable and keep an audience engaged but i'm grateful to be working. and speaking of working...i recently met sofia coppola and she's as lovely as you'd imagine: beautiful, classy, funny, direct. i also loved her clothes, she wore black ankle wedges(louis vuitton syracusa wedges) and a simple blue skirt and white crisp blouse. very uniform-like. anyway, happy to be telling stories! happy to be helping my client with a great cause! happy to be wishing you all a fabulous day! xo, am photos photos photos  for some inspiration watch these trailers now: virgin suicides, lost in translation, somewhere

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