Sunday, June 12, 2011


one of my favorite websites, tales of endearment has a new web address: the new design of the site is super clean and fresh and it makes me want to delve into typography & design to gather inspiration for my own work. as a writer and filmmaker i'm always interested in how projects use typography(with titles, posters, book covers, etc..) to enhance the visual story. just like wardrobe and set design help make a movie more layered and specific, typography can bring the film viewer into a story with just a few text or words. here are some examples: lars von triers' 'dancer in the dark' is a poster of an eye chart getting progressively out of focus, and johnny cash's biopic, 'walk the line' is a  a guitar in a ring of flames; here is casino royale, spiderman dr. strangelovesuperbad  and catch me if you can opening title sequences. natalie joos' new website is an example of how one person's vision can be enhanced through carefully chosen design. bravo natalie! it doesn't hurt that i am a huge fan of vintage clothes! so here is to change, to vintage and to creativity in all it's expressions.  xo, am


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